IFSP Development is the second in a series of three courses that make up the Foundations for Infant and Toddler Services in Early Intervention.  The purpose of this module is to provide guidelines in IFSP development for Early Intervention professionals. Administrators can use these modules to support the professional development and performance of EI personnel they supervise.  The content and resources of this module align with the standards of national organizations for personnel preparation programs and performance indicators related to early childhood outcomes developed by the Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

The module has four sessions based on established competencies for IFSP development.  Each session contains instructional content delivered through narrated presentations, resource content such as reading materials and websites, activities to integrate content into practice, and accomplishment of specific competencies through participant evaluation.

Infant/Toddler Training Hours

Intended Audience
Early Intervention staff, Early Childhood teachers, home visitors and parents


Registration for the courses, Family-Centered Intervention, IFSP Development and Routines-Based Intervention is currently open.  Each course is available by registering on the PaTTAN online registration Training Calendar. Choose the month you would like to take the course then click on the course title listed on the 1st day of that month.  Note: course registration is only available during the month preceding the course opening date.  You cannot pre-register for a course more than a month ahead of time. You need to register before the 25th day of the month to enroll for the following month.