Note: This version of ECO 201 is for individuals who do not need official credit on their PaTTAN transcript. 3 Clock Hours are noted on the certificate for Infant/Toddler hours or as a Certificate of Completion. You will need to have an account on the training site. More details below.


This online course is designed for all Early Intervention staff who are regularly involved in collecting child outcome data. The training will focus on effective strategies to ensure the highest quality and greatest reliability of ECO data. Topics covered will include: strategies to increase the effectiveness of measuring child performance on an authentic assessment tool, involving families in collecting ECO data, strategies for gathering functional child performance, and using the decision tree to make reliable ECO ratings.  Participants will have an opportunity to use case studies to enhance their skills in collect ECO data.

3 Infant/Toddler Hours noted on certificate of completion at end of course.

Intended Audience
Early intervention staff and agency providers who collect child outcome data

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