Explore how societal perceptions about disability have impacted early education practices and shaped service systems. Discover the benefits of inclusion for all children and adults. Consider how individual attitudes and beliefs are developed, how they shape peoples’ actions, and how they impact your practice, your colleagues, and the service system. Identify strategies for creating a sense of belonging for all children in the classroom. 

Credits: 5 Act 48 or Infant/Toddler Credit Hours

Intended Audience: Classroom teachers, early intervention staff and others working in early childhood settings across Pennsylvania programs including Head Start, Early Head Start, Pre-K Counts, Child Care, private nursery schools and Early Intervention.

Registration: If you are looking for Act 48 hours, this course is available by registering on the PaTTAN online registration Training Calendar. Choose the month you would like to take the course, then click on the course title listed on the 1st day of that month. You need to register before the 25th day of the month to enroll for the following month.

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